Imagine you’re at a party, wedding or other gathering. Things are going well, you’re meeting new people and enjoying the food and drink. However it’s no different from the many other similar events you’ve been to. In a matter of weeks or months your memory of it will be hazy and you may even confuse parts of it with other similar experiences.  It needs that extra something to make the day memorable.

Now imagine as you sit at your table a magician joins you for a few minutes. In those minutes he performs inexplicable illusions right in the palm of your hand. He reaches into your mind and predicts what you’re thinking with stunning accuracy. The performance is full of twists and turns that take you an emotional rollercoaster, and challenges your preconcived notions on the nature of reality itself.

In the space of a few minutes, a good event has become a great one you will remember for the rest of your life.

This is an experience that I have lived from both sides of the performance. I’ll never forget the incredible illusionists that inspired me to pick up a deck of cards.

Their effect on me influences the basis for my own philosphy on magic. My focus is not on having the best gimmicks or a patter based on my life story.

It’s on you – the audience.

I want to create an experience for the audience that stays with them for a lifetime. If you want to do the same, get in touch and we’ll discuss how we can enhance your event with close-up magic, imprint it on the minds of your guests and make it truly unforgettable.


When my husband suggested getting a magician for our wedding I didn’t quite know what to make of it! However once we met him I knew he would be a great addition to the usual wedding entertainment. We had him perform to our guests when we were getting our photos taken. The magic was a great ice-breaker to get everyone talking. Friends still talk reminisce it to this day!

Mrs J. Huston, Belfast

I hired Alex to perform a residency in two nightclubs – The Limelight in Belfast and The Academy in Dublin. His amazing tricks have delighted thousands of our customers over the years. Having magical entertainment also sets us apart from our competitors as The Limelight is the only club in Northern Ireland with illusions performed every week.

Rigsy – BBC Radio Host and Promoter of CIRCUS at The Limelight, Belfast and The Academy, Dublin.

Magic Photos

A Few Venues I’ve Performed At

A Few Events I’ve Performed At