Irish illusionist, based in Los Angeles.

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Welcome to my Website

Incredible…truly incredible magical skills. Now please give me my wallet back or I’ll have you escorted off the premises.

Mr A. Kazam Snr.

Good lord, I’ve never met a magician who will work for a bottle of Jameson and a bag of potatoes before!

Mr J Bloggs

I used to think the Irish were a bunch of drunken, irreverent louts until I hired Alex Kazam. Now I know for certain they are.

Mrs A. Customer

Don’t believe a single quote you read on my website. ‘Tis all a wild bunch of blarney.

Alex Kazam

My name is Alex Kazam. I’m a magician from Belfast, Ireland now living and working in Los Angeles, California.

Here’s the part where most magicians would put about six long paragraphs of corporate speak about how they’re gonna, “amaze your guests with the finest sleight of hand” and how they’re an “amazing, unique force is the magical world.” An amazing quantity of amazing words of amazement!

For both our sakes I’ll keep this brief. Here’s what you need to know:

  • I’ve performed magic for thousands of people over 15 years.
  • I specialize in ‘strolling magic.’ I’ll mingle at your wedding, party or corporate event and perform magic for your guests.
  • I’m an exotic foreigner with a Northern Irish accent which automatically makes your event 75% cooler.
  • I’m the resident magician at Room Number 13 – the best joint on Hollywood Boulevard bar none. I even have a stage show there!
Frequently Asked Questions
Is your name really Alex Kazam?


I thought it was a play on ‘Alakazam.’ Are you sure it’s your real name?


Is that your real accent?


Can I hire you to perform magic at a wedding, party, corporate event, family celebration or funeral?


Are you a member of the prestigious Magic Castle in Hollywood?


Will you perform anywhere in Southern California?


Will there be audience interaction in your performance?


Are you just going to answer ‘yes’ to every question?


What is the name of the band who played the song, ‘Owner of a Lonely Heart?’



Alex is available to perform in these counties:

Los Angeles

Orange County

San Bernadino

San Diego

San Luis Obispo

Santa Barbara




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