Los Angeles & Southern California Corporate Magician

Make your company event magical!

Close-up magic is an incredible way to make your corporate event stand out from the crowd. It’s great for:

  • Company Presentations

  • Trade Shows

  • Awards Ceremonies

  • Employee Parties

  • Client Events

  • Holiday Parties

Top 4 Reasons to Hire Alex Kazam for your Company Event

  1. He will work the room performing incredible close-up and mind reading tricks for your guests.

  2. He can tailor the theme of his magic tricks to your company.

  3. His Irish charm and clean humor will impress your customers. They will be almost powerless to resist doing business with you, digging deep into their willpower to avoid literally signing any contract you put in front of them.

  4. Your boss will hear about your great judgement and say, “my goodness, that’s the kind of thinking we need round here! I’m giving you a raise!”