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The Master Persuader: How to Use Mind Control Like Donald Trump

When Donald Trump became President the world had a collective heart attack. How could this lunatic win an election? How could people vote for this orange-faced narcissist who is very clearly the definition of a braindead idiot?

I predicted Trump’s win in September 2015, back when he was considered a joke candidate who wouldn’t even make it through the early stages of the leadership primaries.

My prediction was not based on Trump’s policies or politics. It was based on identifying Trump as a Master Persuader – a person with a secret arsenal of linguistic skills designed to defeat opponents and capture the imaginations of millions. Far from being a lunatic or idiot, Trump is in fact a genius who has carefully crafted a persona and a persuasive skill set bordering on the hypnotic.

In this live speaking show, I will take you through Trump’s secret techniques. Whether you are a Trump-lover or hater you can utilise these same principles in your professional and private life. Some of these include:

– How to make your point memorable by conveying it in visual terms.
– How to use confirmation bias to defeat your opponents.
– How to embrace an insult thrown at you, and turn it into a positive.

Perhaps most importantly, you will become aware when someone is trying to use Trump’s techniques on YOU.

Find out more about how I discovered the persuasive skills of Trump.

This is a show that is both useful and enjoyable to audiences of all political persuasions, business backgrounds and professions. Get in touch to find out about booking it.