5 Years of Magic at The Limelight

After 5 years, tonight will be my last time performing magic at Circus at The Limelight.

It’s been a great run – a big thank you to David O’Reilly, everyone at The Limelight and my magical partner in crime John Mahood. There’s no dramatic reason for leaving. It’s just time for some new adventures, including a long overdue jump into stage magic.

Thanks to The Limelight I’ve been lucky enough to:

  • entertain literally thousands of people
  • grow as a performer and a person
  • gain new insights into the human mind
  • be offered work at customer’s parties, formals and work event

During this time the owners of The Limelight bought the Academy in Dublin. I spent over a year performing there every weekend too. I would leave Belfast around 8:30pm on a Saturday, drive to Dublin, start work at 11pm, leave around 2am and be home in Belfast again at 4am Sunday morning. I had to call it a day eventually as my sleeping pattern couldn’t handle it, but I still miss those gigs. Dubliners are a great audience.

As always, I’ll still be doing weddings, parties, corporate work and persuasion lectures. Get in touch if you want some magic at your event!